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Fort Taber Cycle Aid Station Shows It's Strength!

posted Jun 6, 2014, 5:22 PM by admin NBBC   [ updated Jun 6, 2014, 8:02 PM ]
Larry Langlois, Vice President of the New Bedford Bicycle Committee, using the new Fort Taber Cycle Aid Station donated by Yesteryear Cyclery. This handy repair station is located along the eastern coast of Fort Taber, near the Fort Taber / Fort Rodman Military Museum parking lot.

Langlois reports, “During the ride, I noticed I had a strange sound coming from my rear tire area. The bike was working fine so I finished the ride. When I arrived back at the parking lot I went to the repair station. I placed my bike atop the stand and was able to check out the situation. With the bike on the stand I was able to spin the crank freely, shift through all the gears on the front and rear derailleur, and I even played with the adjusting barrel to fine tune the shifting. I found the clear plastic piece behind the rear cassette (gears) was loose. I wouldn’t be able to find that out without a bike stand , which I do not own. The stand also has multiple tools needed to do a basic bike

repair. I did not need the tools at that moment, but they could definitely come in handy if I had a bigger issue. Soon, a second Cycle Aid station will be installed in downtown’s “Wings Court”, near the Pour Farm Tavern. So, after you fix your bike and you’ve finished riding you can go for a drink!”

"These Cycle Aid Stations are a major step toward building New Bedford's bicycle community. They not only offer tools necessary to make repairs but also an opportunity to connect with other cyclists, learn from each other and go that extra mile, enriching our local bike culture." says David Civitarese, President of the New Bedford Bicycle Committee. 

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